Calibration management is the management and performance of calibrations and maintenance. Calibration management software  is a software designed to autmatomacially schedule the calibration of an instrumentation with its maintenance requirements in all types of labs. This software helps manage assets and create a system in place for automatic repairs.

How Do I Speak With Calibration Vendors?

Qualer’s Calibration Software solution has a singular focus: shaping the future of asset health. They’ve designed a collaborative ecosystem that connects all of the pieces and people you need to manage the lifecycle of critical assets together. Qualer empowers all stakeholders to communicate seamlessly under a single platform, creating alignment, and making sure the right people are involved at the right time.

How Can Calibration Management Software Help My Business?

Qualer provides a pre-configured business-in-a-box, best in class, software solution for progressive commercial calibration companies. Regardless if you are a commercial calibration company performing services for your clients or a in-house calibration organization working to meet your internal customers requirements, Qualer provides companies best in class functionality with our Calibration Management Software for the management and performance of calibrations and maintenance. Qualer’s Calibration Management Software Cloud infrastructure enables calibration and documentation to be processed in real-time, increasing efficiencies and productivity, while reducing costs.

What is Pipette Calibration?

Pipette Calibration It is a process of examining and/or adjusting the pipettes to the true value by comparison to the standard which is set by the manufacturer of that said pipette. The standard in this case is the pipetting range set by the pipette manufacturer to be accurate and precise at low volume and high volume of the pipette. At, we perform metrology based pipette calibration; Metrology based pipette calibration provides a platform where the process is done within strict guidelines of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This ensures that there is a methodology and a standard set for all of the equipment used to calibrate the pipettes.

What Type of Pipettes Need To Be Calibrated?

Single channel Pipettes

manual pipettes

electronic pipettes

Multichannel Pipette

4-channel pipettes

6-channel pipettes

8-channel pipettes

12-channel pipettes

16-channel pipettes

48-channel pipettes

64-channel pipettes

96-channel pipettes

Positive displacement pipettes


Bottletop dispensers

Motorized controllers

What Pipette Brands Can I Get calibrated?

Accuracy and precision are of paramount importance in science and lab work and accuracy in your lab begins with having correctly calibrated pipettes. Different Eppendorf pipette calibration plans are available to meet the varied needs of different labs. It is important to know what level of Eppendorf pipette calibration your lab requires so that you can pick the correct plan to meet your needs. All labs and scientists require accuracy from their pipettes, but some require more stringent regulatory compliance standards than others.Any type of Pipette can be calibrated, We recommend adding individual channel calibration for your multichannel pipette if you need each channel to be precise and accurate (such as when preforming RT-PCR, ELISA, ECL and Bioassays). This means each channel is individually adjusted, weighed, and calibrated. To add this to any pipette calibration service, check the box for “Multi-Channel Readings (per channel) on the “Pipette Service Order Form”.

Example Brands:

Eppendorf Pipette Calibration

Rainin Pipette Calibration

Drummond Pipette Calibration

Gilson Pipette Calibration