What Is An Automatic Pipette

An automatic pipette, also known as an electronic pipette or motorized pipette, is a laboratory instrument used for precise and convenient liquid handling. It is an advanced version of a manual pipette that incorporates electronic controls to automate various pipetting tasks.

Automatic pipettes are designed to simplify and streamline the process of liquid transfer, minimizing human error and increasing efficiency. They typically feature a digital display and control panel, allowing users to set and adjust the desired volume with ease. The electronic mechanism of an automatic pipette enables it to aspirate and dispense liquid accurately and consistently.

Key features and advantages of automatic pipettes include:

  1. Adjustable volume: Unlike fixed volume pipettes, automatic pipettes offer a wide range of adjustable volume settings. Users can select the desired volume from the pipette’s range, typically spanning from microliters (μL) to milliliters (mL).
  2. Precise and accurate dispensing: Automatic pipettes are known for their high accuracy and precision, ensuring reliable and consistent liquid transfers. The electronic controls and motorized mechanisms help minimize human variability and errors associated with manual pipetting.
  3. Programmable functions: Many automatic pipettes offer programmable features such as multiple dispensing, mixing, and serial dilutions. These functions allow users to perform complex pipetting tasks with ease and reproducibility.
  4. Ergonomic design: Automatic pipettes are designed with user comfort in mind. They often feature ergonomic handles, lightweight construction, and reduced pipetting forces, enabling users to perform repetitive pipetting tasks with less strain and fatigue.
  5. Time-saving and efficiency: The automation provided by automatic pipettes significantly speeds up pipetting tasks, leading to improved efficiency and productivity in the laboratory.

Automatic pipettes are commonly used in various scientific disciplines, including molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical research, clinical diagnostics, and other areas that require precise liquid handling.

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