What is a Pipette Controller

A pipette controller, also known as a pipette aid or pipettor, is a laboratory instrument used to aspirate and dispense small volumes of liquid with precision. It is commonly used in various scientific and medical applications, including molecular biology, biochemistry, cell culture, and clinical diagnostics.

A pipette controller typically consists of a handheld device that provides a comfortable grip for the user. It has a power button or a trigger mechanism to control the aspiration and dispensing of liquid. The instrument is designed to accommodate different types and sizes of pipettes, which are the slender tubes used to draw and deliver specific volumes of liquid.

The main purpose of a pipette controller is to facilitate accurate and efficient liquid handling. It utilizes a motorized system to create a vacuum or positive pressure, allowing the user to control the movement of liquid into and out of the pipette. By controlling the pressure and release, the user can accurately measure and transfer small volumes of liquid, typically ranging from microliters (µL) to milliliters (mL).

Pipette controllers offer several advantages over manual pipetting techniques. They provide better ergonomics and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries associated with pipetting. They also offer improved accuracy and precision, allowing for consistent and reproducible results. Some pipette controllers feature adjustable speed settings, blow-out functions, and multiple modes to accommodate various liquid handling tasks.

It’s worth noting that pipette controllers require compatible disposable or reusable pipette tips, which securely attach to the end of the pipette. These tips come in different sizes and materials to suit specific applications and ensure proper dispensing and aspiration of liquids.

Pipette controllers are essential tools in laboratories and research facilities where precise and reliable liquid handling is required. They enhance workflow efficiency and contribute to the accuracy and reproducibility of experiments and analyses.

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