What are the best pipette tips for your lab?

The choice of pipette tips for your lab depends on various factors, including the specific applications, the type of pipettes being used, and any special requirements you may have. However, we can provide you with an overview of some popular pipette tip options commonly used in labs:

  1. Universal Pipette Tips: These tips are designed to fit a wide range of pipettes from different manufacturers. They are compatible with both single-channel and multi-channel pipettes, offering versatility and convenience.
  2. Filtered Pipette Tips: These tips contain built-in filters that provide an additional barrier to prevent aerosol and liquid contamination from entering the pipette shaft. They are particularly useful when working with samples that are sensitive to contamination, such as PCR or DNA/RNA amplification assays.
  3. Low-Retention Pipette Tips: These tips are specially designed to minimize sample retention on the inner walls of the tip. They help ensure accurate and precise dispensing of liquid, especially for samples with high viscosity or low surface tension. Low-retention tips are commonly used in applications like protein handling, genomics, and cell culture.
  4. Extended Length Pipette Tips: These tips have longer and narrower shafts, which are beneficial when pipetting from deep, narrow containers, such as microcentrifuge tubes or deep-well plates. They enable reaching the bottom of the vessels without the need for additional manual steps.
  5. Specialty Pipette Tips: Depending on your lab’s specific requirements, you may need specialty pipette tips such as wide-bore tips for pipetting viscous liquids, conductive tips for use in electrostatic discharge (ESD) protected areas, or sterile tips for aseptic work.

It’s always a good practice to consult with your lab members or supervisor to determine the most suitable pipette tips for your specific applications. Additionally, considering factors like tip quality, availability, and cost can help you make an informed decision.