What Are Culture Tubes Used For?

Culture tubes are often used in biology for handling and culturing all kinds of live organisms, such as molds, bacteria, seedlings, plant cuttings, etc.; and in medicine and forensics to store samples of blood or other fluids.

Culture tubes are both sterile and non-sterile disposable tubes that can be used for many laboratory applications.  Biologically inert and exempt from mold release agents, culture tubes prevent errors, contamination, and interferences in RIA tests.  Designed with precise molding and uniform in shape, these culture tubes are chemically clean and ready to use.  Able to withstand high temperatures, high centrifugation speeds, and pressure.

Culture Test Tubes

People These tubes offer a wide range of different culture tubes, cell culture tubes, and test tubes that can be utilized in many applications within the laboratory.  Whether you need glass, polystyrene, polypropylene, clear, colored, or any variation of culture and test tube, Pipette.com has you covered. Popular brands include: Simport Culture Tubes & Test Tubes, Kimble Culture Tubes & Test Tubes,Wheaton Culture Tubes & Test Tubes, MTC Bio Culture Tubes & Test Tubes, Globe Scientific Culture Tubes & Test Tubes.

Where Can I Hold My Culture Tube To Stay Sterile?

Test tube racks are lab equipment used to hold several test tubes at the same time. These test tube holders are used when various different solutions are needed to work with simultaneously, for safety reasons, for safe storage of test tubes, and to ease the transport of multiple tubes

Our Test Tube Racks and Tube Storage boxes are made of 100% polypropylene and suitable for refrigerator and freezer storage as low as -80˚C. Whether you are looking for microcentrifuge tube racks or tube holders, PCR tube racks, conical tube holders or microtube storage boxes, Pipette.com will help you find the right storage accessory for your tubes. Pipette.com carries tube racks and tube holders from a broad selection of manufacturers including Heathrow Scientific, Simport, Wheaton, MCT Bio, BrandTech, Capp,  Eppendorf, Excel Scientific, Scientific Specialities,CellTreat and our very own Pipette.com Tube Racks and Tube Holders.

Our test tube racks and tube holders selection will ensure you are able to store the widest range of tubes, from 0.2 mL to 50 mL,  depending on your needs and the type and size of tubes you use. We offer PCR workstations, floating racks, and storage units to help organize your freezers and that are capable of holding up to 100 microtubes and cryogenic vials at a time. These units can hold tubes made from almost any type of material. They are also available in a huge variety of colors so that you can easily assign colors to different tasks or work stations, and easily identify what different racks are used for. They are also made from various different materials. Our freezer storage boxes are also available in a selection of different colors for quick sample identification in the freezer.

WhatAre the DIfferent Brands for Culture Tubes?

Kimble Culture Tubes & Test Tubes

Kimble offers disposable Borosilicate Glass culture tubes.  These premium quality tubes are extremely sturdy with uniform bottoms and consistent lengths between lots.  Suitable for all cell washing procedures and offering excellent chemical resistance to sodium leaching, Kimble glass culture tubes are an ideal replacement to soda lime glass products.
Wheaton Culture Tubes & Test Tubes
A versatile glass culture tube with screw caps from Wheaton is suitable for use with slant, shake and drum roller cultures.  Autoclavable and reusable, these culture tubes are built to last.  The round bottom design with a screw on cap makes it ideal for storing cultures.  Manufactured from borosilicate glass, Wheaton offers top of hte line glass culture tubes at an affordable rate.
MTC Bio Culture Tubes & Test Tubes
MTC Bio offers both polypropylene and polystyrene culture tubes along with polyethylene caps to cater to laboratories that need a specific type of material.  These culture tubes are able to withstand a range of temperatures, individually wrapped in a sterile environment or packed in a group, and compatible with all standard equipment.  Featuring a unique Dual-Position plug cap that can be sealed for anaerobic cultures or loosened for aerobic cultures, MTC Bio offers solutions to laboratories working in any process.
Globe Scientific Culture Tubes & Test Tubes
Pipette.com features a massive selection of Globe Scientific products for cell culture use including test tubes, caps, and culture tubes.  Globe Scientific produces not only borosilicate glass culture tubes but also polypropylene tubes.  Not only do they offer a variety of culture and test tubes, but they also provide snap caps, plug caps, plug stoppers, and more in either single tab or double tab options.

What Are other popular lab equipment products used in the lab?

Balances and Scales Models offered in micro, precision, portable, toploader models & more. We offer balances from Benchmark, OHAUS, RADWAG, Sartorius and Torbel.

Microcentrifuges Available in simple quick spin, single button operation or more advanced models with digital displays and programmable spin options. Refrigerated centrifuges are available with temperature ranges from -20°C to 60°C

Elisa Washer The CAPPWash ELISA Washer is a manual ELISA plate Washer designed for small scale work. This Elisa Washer is simple, compact and economical.Incubators Incubators to produce a controlled environment for the incubation and growth of cells, for reaction incubation, and many other applications that require a controlled environment.