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Weighing Boats 101 – The Typical Applications

Weighing boats are typically made from polystyrene, paper, and aluminum materials. As a result, due to their inexpensive and disposable nature, they are often used for the measuring and storing scientific material.

Although weighing boats are very simple in their design, they are still one of the most crucial pieces of equipment. What most Scientist and researchers don’t know is that a weighing boat has a plethora of uses besides its namesake.

Possible Uses based on Material

  • Aluminum Weighing Boats

    • Can be used to cover dust samples.
    • Determine the moisture level of a sample.
    • Used in several food processing applications.
  • Polystyrene Weighing Boats

    • Can be used to dilute weak acids
    • Are resistant to aqueous solutions, alcohols, and bases.
  • Paper-made Weighing Boats

    • Offer the most flexibility.
    • Able to be manipulated to the researchers needs.
    • Provide easy dispensing of samples into narrow containers.

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