VWR Pipette Types

Pipette.com is the only source for refurbished VWR Signature pipettes to help you save your budget. We offer VWR Signature pipettes, V-3 pipettes and the Omega Serological Pipette Controllers.

Lightweight yet durable, these VWR Signature Advanced Digital Pipette have an ergonomically shaped grip that provides a comfortable, familiar feel even during extended pipetting sessions. In addition, they are comfortable in either hand, as well as in large or small hands. The volume setting is continuously adjustable using the recessed thumbwheel or the dispenser button, and the slender, tapered shaft allows use in narrow tubes and provides universal tip compatibility. Pipettors can be autoclaved repeatedly without recalibration.

V-3 is a range of eight specially designed, digital, variable volume pipettors to cover the volume range 0.1 µl – 5000 µl. The VWR V-3 Digital Pipette Volume is easily adjusted by turning the light but positive thumb activated plunger mechanism. The selected volume is shown on the clear digital display. The 480-000NM is designed for microvolume pipetting with ultra-micro tips, and is also supplied with a tip ejector collar which allows the pipettor to be used with 250 µl Sealtips. Robust lightweight design;smooth plunger action;slimline tip ejector allows pipetting into narrow tubes;compatible with a wide range of tips;high degree of accuracy and precision; easy maintenance and calibration, with tool supplied.

The Last Pipettor You Will Ever Need The lightweight VWR Omega Single Channel Serological Pipettor. The Omega Pipettor has been designed to combine and advanced ergonomic design with precise liquid dispensing. With its rounded, curved design, balanced weight and fingertip contoured buttons with light action springs, Argos offers a product that technicians can use all day and remain fatigue free. The Omega will accept glass or plastic pipets from 1 to 100mL and is available in six colors!

Ultra high-performance single-channel variable volume pipettors are equipped with a series of ergonomic enhancements not found on traditional pipettor models. The VWR Ultra High-Performance Pipette has an updated soft-touch plunger system ensures surprisingly light aspiration and dispensing forces, while a levered ejection mechanism is designed to provide smooth and gentle tip ejection. The volume adjustment wheel is conveniently located just beneath the plunger button and requires minimal force to select the desired volume. To prevent accidental volume changes, the adjustment wheel can be set to a locked position by pressing it downward. The pipettor handle is constructed of a high-strength polypropylene polymer that combines excellent chemical resistance with thermal properties to permit autoclave sterilization. The handle permits both left- and right-handed use. A four-digit micrometer allows for fine control over volume adjustment and is located on the palm side of the device, facing the user at all times.