Tube Types

What Tubes Are Needed For Your Lab?

There are a wide selection of tubes that could be found in any laboratory. There are several different culture tubes, cell culture tubes, & test tubes manufactured from plastic and glass. Tubes can also help with lab equipment such as centrifuge tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, well plates and a wide range of additional products designed to advance science available at our always low prices.

Microcentrifuge Tubes

Microcentrifuge Tube – A Laboratory Essential The microcentrifuge tube is essential to any lab that handles small volumes of liquid. In life science and biological labs, these little plastic tubes are used for all sorts of applications from sample storage to running reactions and spinning down or separating samples. Whatever experiments you are conducting, if you work with small volumes of 2 mL or less you will likely need these tubes in your lab.  All microcentrifuge tubes are compatible with any of the microcentrifuges and centrifuges offered at Check out our selection and special offers and promotions below.

Centrifuge Tubes

Centrifuge tubes can be designed in many different ways and manufactured with different materials. All centrifuge tubes are manufactured with the highest quality polypropylene, polystyrene, and glass to suit any type of storage or material handling need. Factors to consider when choosing your centrifuge tubes include: are you refrigerating or freezing your samples, are you incubating samples, what rpm or g force are you centrifuging your samples at, and whether your samples are light sensitive or not. Constructed with a conical bottom, centrifuge tubes increase accuracy of pipetting and reduce leftover sample waste within the tubes by driving sample down to a focused point.  Making it easier to aspirate samples from a smaller surface area, centrifuge tubes with a conical bottom are the ideal route for any laboratory.  If balance and standing are an issue, 50 mL centrifuge tubes are often designed with a skirted bottom to prevent tipping of the tube and allow for it to be a free-standing container.

PCR Tubes

PCR Tubes are designed with a thin and flexible wall for optimal efficiency during heat transfers. The combination of a thin, flexible, even thickness, and transparent wall gives your samples stability while increasing efficiency. All of our PCR Tubes can be used for real time PCR (qPCR). PCR tubes are easy to open but provide a tight seal to prevent evaporation during the PCR process. PCR tubes and PCR Strip tubes are Manufactured to be PCR Clean to safeguard against outside contamination and ensure proper results during PCR processes.  Designed to fit perfectly into different thermocyclers, these tubes feature flat caps that allow scientists and technicians to label samples easily. Low profile PCR Tubes and PCR Strip Tubes are ideal for fast PCR and low volume reactions while improving light capture in fluorescence assays. With some PCR strip tubes having low clearance and volume, they are easily able to fit into most microplate readers. PCR Strip tubes and caps are a unique solution for laboratories seeking fast, adjustable set up for processes.  Manufactured with virgin polypropylene within a clean room environment, PCR strip tubes can be cut into individual tubes, small groups of tubes, or left in the original string of tubes, typically 8.  The flexibility of the number of tubes allows for greater ease of use within the laboratory, not requiring you to individually pull out multiple tubes.

PCR Strip Tubes

PCR Strip Tubes and Caps PCR Strip Tubes. PCR Strip Tubes and Caps come from brands such as Eppendorf, Scientific Specialties (SSI) and Simport providing you with an opportunity to select the right PCR Strip Tubes and Caps for your lab – ranging from the most durable and high-quality tubes to more economic alternatives if you are on a tight budget. Designed with hinged caps that open at precise angles only, the lids from the tube strips will not cover or block adjacent tubes within the thermal cycler.  These strip tubes are made with a clear polypropylene that has an etched writing surface for easy labeling during any process. All Strip Tubes are RNase, DNase, PCR Inhibitor FREE – Sterile Tubes are, also, Pyrogen FREE.  Not only are all strip tubes certifiable human DNA, RNase, DNase, and PCR inhibitor free, but these tube strips are also fully autoclavable. All Strip Tubes have thin or ultra-thin walls for optimal heat transfer during cycles within the thermal cycler.  The need for precision during experiments is crucial. carries brands that provide consistent products that ensure not only rapid heat transfer, but also uniform heat transfer for more accurate results. Please refer to each brand for the specific working volume and to find out which specific Strip Tubes will work for real time PCR (QPCR).

Screw Cap Tubes

Screw Cap tubes are available to fit all of your laboratory’s needs from liquid nitrogen storage to aliquoting samples and reagents. Screw Cap Tubes are usually polypropylene, polyethylene, and glass screw cap tubes from Simport, Nest Scientific, Wheaton, Cell Treat and many other manufacturers. Some popular tube options include: Cryogenic Vials Glass Chromatography Vials Amber Vials for Light Sensitive Materials Low Adhesion Vials 2D Barcoded Vials

Culture Test Tubes

Culture and Test Tubes Culture and Test Tubes. These tubes offer a wide range of different culture tubes, cell culture tubes, and test tubes that can be utilized in many applications within the laboratory.  Whether you need glass, polystyrene, polypropylene, clear, colored, or any variation of culture and test tube, has you covered. Popular brands include: Simport Culture Tubes & Test Tubes, Kimble Culture Tubes & Test Tubes,Wheaton Culture Tubes & Test Tubes, MTC Bio Culture Tubes & Test Tubes, Globe Scientific Culture Tubes & Test Tubes.

Cluster Tubes

Cluster Tubes. Racked Tubes can be used as reaction vessels in robotic workstations or as long term storage vessels in your sample library. Strip Caps for the tubes are also available. We carry racked tubes from Simport under the Biotube brand and from Scientific Specialties (SSI) Ideal for: Storage Dilution Mixing Harvesting Culture assays Screening

Tube Racks

Tube Racks and Tube Holders Whether you are looking for microcentrifuge tube racks or tube holders, PCR tube racks, conical tube holders or microtube storage boxes, it is important to find the right storage accessory for your tubes. There are several tube racks and tube holders manufacturers including Heathrow Scientific, Simport, Wheaton, MCT Bio, BrandTech, Capp,  Eppendorf, Excel Scientific, Scientific Specialties, CellTreat and our very own Tube Racks and Tube Holders. Tube racks and tube holders range from 0.2 mL to 50 mL, depending on your needs and the type and size of tubes you use. Other options are PCR workstations, floating racks, and storage units to help organize your freezers and that are capable of holding up to 100 microtubes and cryogenic vials at a time. These units can hold tubes made from almost any type of material. They are also available in a huge variety of colors so that you can easily assign colors to different tasks or work stations, and easily identify what different racks are used for. They are also made from various different materials. Freezer storage boxes are also available in a selection of different colors for quick sample identification in the freezer.