Save on a variety of multichannel pipettes!

Three Surefire Ways To Save On Multichannel Pipettes

Starting a new lab is a tough juggling act of finding reliable equipment without overspending. After spending money on the necessities, such as lab equipment and consumables, you may find your budget for pipettes lower than you’d like. Especially for labs intending for a heavy pipetting regime, this could be problematic when looking to purchase multichannel pipettes. Fortunately, there are methods to get an affordable and reliable multichannel pipette without breaking the bank.

Refurbished Multichannel PipettesA Refurbished electronic multichannel pipette is the perfect way to save money!

Refurbished pipettes are generally looked down upon, similar to used cars, but this type of outlook on refurbished pipettes is costing you money. If you are purchasing from a reputable distributor, the multichannel pipettes have gone through rigorous testing and calibration before being delivered to the customer. Refurbished models usually come at a significant price decrease compared to their newer counterparts. Even premium multichannel pipettes like the Eppendorf Research Plus or the electronic Sartiorius eLine multichannel pipette can be purchased as refurbished pipettes. Purchasing premium and reliable refurbished multichannel pipettes is the smart and easy way to stay with-in your budget.


Bargains and is always finding new ways for you to save on your multichannel pipette!

The easiest way to stay in budget is to find a superb bargain. After researching which multichannel pipette you wish to purchase, resist the temptation for an impulse buy. Companies are constantly trying to out-compete each other by offering the best price or promotions. Make sure to use this to your advantage, you can save a considerable amount on your multichannel pipettes if you are patient. Along with the mark downs, you may also be able to score free items. Multichannel pipettes can often be found in Buy One Get One Free promotions or if you don’t need another multichannel, look for Buy One Get One Free consumable product, like reservoirs or tips.


Low-priced vs. Durability

One of the pitfalls you always have to watch for is finding a multichannel with a great sales price, but poor durability. Pipettes can be found for as low as $90, but if you are constantly having to pay for calibrations and replacement parts, the price difference is made up quickly. If your multichannel pipette isn’t built to last, then you may end up wasting money with repairs or even having to buy a entirely new pipette. The best method to combat this problem is to shop around and do your research. Examine reviews and ask your colleagues. Above all, keep in mind that sometimes spending that little extra cash will save you exponentially down the road.


Affordable and Reliable Multichannel Pipettes

If you are struggling to stay within budget, keep in mind that has a large variety of multichannel pipettes at the perfect price for you. Whether you are looking for an affordable refurbished multichannel pipette or wanting to take advantage of our many bargains, you are sure to find the pipette that meets your needs and doesn’t break your budget. If you want to make sure you are getting a pipette worth your time, let us know and you can demo a multichannel pipette. Contact us today about trying out a multichannel or any general questions you may have.