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The Right Plates for your Project has the best deals on the plates you need!When starting your projects, one of your first steps is assessing the tools you have at your disposal. From the reactants to the plates, each item’s specific features contributes to a successful experiment. To determine the right plate for your project, many features need to be considered; everything from the color of the plate to the type of treatment applied to the plate affects the out come.

BrandTech has simplified this process by offering a variety of plates, all categorized by their applications. Below is a summary of the plate categorizations and the applications best suited for the plate.


General Application

The pureGrade Brandplates have been optimized for most applications. These polystyrene plates have a non-treated surface and come both in non-sterile or sterile packaging. PureGrade plates are considered to be medium-binding; which means molecules will bind passively to the plate wall.


  • Homogenous assays
  • Screening
  • Storage

PureGrade S

  • Bacteriological assays
  • Apoptosis Assay
  • Determination of membrane potential
  • IC50-Determination
  • Kinetic growth of Bacteria
  • Screenings

Immunoassay Application

 The plates under the Immunoassay category are great for high-binding projects. These plates are made of polystyrene and are treated to bind with a specific type of molecules.

ImmunoGrade – Treated for general high-binding

  • High-Binding of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules
  • Optimized for the immobilization of IgG
  • Surface choice for the majority of ELISAs
  • Solid Phase Immunoassays

HydroGrade – Treated to be strongly hydrophilic

  • For the immobilization of hydrophilic molecules
  • Solid phase assay (if the molecules are hydrophilic)
  • Homogenous assay (if the molecules are hydrophobic)

LipoGrade – Treated to be strongly hydrophobic

  • For the immobilization of hydrophobic molecules
  • Immobilization of molecules such as lipoproteins or peptides
  • Liquid phase assay (for hydrophilic molecules that need to be kept suspended in solution)
  • Solid phase assay (if the molecules are hydrophobic)


Cell Culture

The cell culture plates are treated or coated to provide an optimal culture surface for various cell types. Sterile, polystyrene, plates are manufactured with specialized characteristic for your cell growing needs.

CellGrade – Treated to have different chemical groups freely accessible

  • For the cultivation of adherent cell lines
  • Slightly hydrophilic compared with non-treated polystyrene

CellGrade Plus – Treated to have a protein-like composition

  • For Reduced-serum media cultivation of cells
  • For cultivation of fastidious cell line
  • Carboxyl, Hydroxyl, and amino groups are present on the surface
  • Great for cultivating sensitive cell lines

CellGrade Premium – Treated to be Poly-D-Lysine-equivalent

  • Optimal adhesion of cells reduces damage when frequent washing is performed
  • Suited for serum-free & serum0reduced cultivation of cells
  • Room temperature storage
  • Alternative to biologically coated surfaces

InertGrade – Coated with Hydrogel

  • For cultivation of suspension cell lines
  • Reduces cell adhesion and protein adsorption
  • Minimizes enzyme and cellular activation
  • Inhibits early differentiation of stem cells


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