Sifting Through the Tips Pile

Depending you your laboratory needs, certain types of pipette tips are going to be more suitable than others. Choosing the right pipette tip for your needs can be the difference between a failed or successful experiment. The experts at are here to help ensure that you choose the right ones. Below is an overview of the various kinds of tips and their differences to help you through this tricky process. carries a variety of tips.

Combitips are designed to attach to repeaters with ease using a built-in sensor that recognizes the size of the tip. Furthermore, the volume will automatically be shown on the display, allowing you to minimize the time you would have otherwise spent trying to calculate volume. Laboratories everywhere rely on Eppendorf Combitips due to their effective and reliable design.

All Eppendorf Combitips utilize the scientific principle of positive displacement at the core of their design – this allows you to dispense accurate volumes of your substance, no matter how viscous.


Dual Filter Tips

Another great type of pipette tips is the Dual Filter tip, offering a two-phase filter. This design allows for the increase protection against contamination and is the first of its kind. Some of the beneficial features include flow dynamics, high thermal stability and the aforementioned contamination protection.


Serological Pipettes

For those looking for quality pipettes that are pre-sterilized, disposable, possess great optical transparency and high volume accuracy, serological pipettes are a great choice. They are designed to fit all pipette controllers and Pipet-Aids on the market, giving you plenty of options to choose from.


Transfer Pipettes

Another great disposable pipette option is a transfer pipette – with an unbreakable, low-density polyethylene design that is inert to biological fluids and most acids, these are great choices for blood banking, urinalysis and microbiology.


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At, our variety of pipette tips is sure to provide you with something that matches your laboratory’s needs – from Eppendorf Combitips to disposable CAPP serological tips, our product lines are chosen to provide tools for all kinds of research. Head over to our product page today and get a first hand look at the quality products that we have to offer.