Serological Pipette: Is it what your Lab Needs?

Serological pipettes are temperature calibrated laboratory tools that are the ideal choice for laboratories that need to transfer large amounts of liquid (1 mL to 50 mL). A Serological pipette is designed in a variety of different forms, including plastic, sterile, reusable, and glass, providing a wide selection for your laboratory needs.

When to Use a Serological PipetteSerological Pipettes

The best time to use serological pipette is when transferring liquids between receptacles, mixing chemical solutions, or laying reagents that are composed of different densities. Each of these procedures requires a high attention to detail when it comes to the aspirating and dispensing of your solution. This means you’re going to need a product that allows you proper control right down to the milliliter.


Benefits of a Serological Pipette

  • Optically optimized
  • Increased volume accuracy
  • Clear ascending and descending graduation


Packages and Designs

Serological pipettes are typically disposable and pre-sterilized; they are usually prepackaged in bulk packs of anywhere from 25 to 50.  To increase your productivity all serological pipettes are designed to fit both motorized pipette controllers and Pipet-Aids. This universal fit ensures that you will always be able to work with precision and speed.


The Accuracy of a Serological Pipette

In terms of accuracy, serological pipettes are as accurate as the smallest increments, which are typically (0.1 mL for those that are 2 mL). If your research requires a great amount of precision, we recommend that you use your serological laboratory pipette in combination with a micro-pipette for the best results.


Selecting the Right Serological Pipette from Pipette.comcapp-serological-pipettes-495

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