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Between pipettes, tips and other pieces of laboratory equipment, getting the level of reliability and accuracy that you need from your experiments can be expensive. Although many decide to purchase these products individually on an as-needed basis, the best way to get the most out of your purchases is to invest in lab bundles. Our experts outline the benefits of these bundles, as well as examples of some the best bundles we offer below.

Benefits of Bundling Pipettes

Pipettes are an integral part of any lab and most experiments will require a variety of pipettes to achieve quality results. For this reason, pipette bundles are a very effective way of reducing the amount of money that you spend on these tools by purchasing in bulk. All of our bundles are designed to provide you with affordable prices without skimping on product quality. Our 6-pack Eppendorf Pipette Bundle is a great example of such a package, as well as our 3-pack of Labnet BioPette Plus Discovery pipettes for those looking for something a bit more affordable.

Benefits of Bundling TipsSartorius-mLINE-pipettes-300x300.jpg

Just like pipettes, tips are essential for the proper functioning of any lab and something that you will find yourself purchasing on a regular basis. Our team has been selling pipettes for over 19 years, giving us the knowledge needed to provide the highest quality tips and bundles. Our unique tips are designed from 100% virgin polypropylene and certified free of RNase/DNase, Pyrogen/Endotoxins, Bioburden and PCR inhibitors. We also offer bundles for CAPP Tips and BrandTech PD-Tip Syringe Tips.

Benefits of Bundling Lab Equipment

In addition to pipettes and tips, there are plenty of other pieces of laboratory equipment that can be bundled for extremely reasonable prices. We are currently offering bundles for Benchmark MyFuge Mini Centrifuges, which feature eight position microtube rotors, extremely simple operation and a design that makes them very portable and space-efficient. In addition, we have bundles for Benchmark Orbi-Shakers and the Scientific Industries MicroPlate Genie for all of your mixing needs.

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Lab bundles are a great way for any laboratory to make the most of their investments while also ensuring that their purchases retain a high degree of accuracy and reliability. All of the bundles listed above provide quality products that will guarantee smooth and reliable operation during the course of your experiments. New laboratories, in particular, can really benefit from these deals and we offer many lab starter kits that were created specifically to help new research facilities get on their feet. Take a look at our vast selection of bundles today and we’re sure that you’ll find a package that is within your price range and helps you get the results that you need!