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Proper Balance Handling Techniques

Without proper balance handling techniques, it can be very difficult to achieve accurate results for any experiment. Even a slight error in your balancing measurements can skew your final experimental results and harm the reputation of your laboratory. Our experts at have compiled the following article to give you an idea of some proper handling techniques and procedures to ensure that your experiment gets you the best data possible.

You can find the best deals analytical balances at Pipette.comOne of the things that you need to understand about balances is that the environment that they are used in can greatly impact the nature of your results. Why is this? Gravitational acceleration can vary depending on your location and geographical features such as altitude. This means that for
reliable date you should adjust your balance every time you set it up.

Additional Tips

  • Level, calibrate, and adjust prior to use
  • Center the sample
  • Choose an area free of vibration

In addition to the importance of the surrounding environment, one of the biggest causes of skewed or inadmissible results is the sample itself. Factors such as electromagnetic charges, hygroscopic materials, and magnetic or magnetizable materials can greatly influence the accuracy of your balance. has the Balances You Need!buy a sartorius secura balance and get free mLINE pipettes

Proper maintenance, cleaning, and calibration are all necessary to ensure that your balance gives you the most accurate results. Even with proper care and handling, it may be time to upgrade your laboratory equipment. At we carry a wide selection of balances to suite your needs.

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