Top Brands For Plate Shakers with Multiple Plates

Plate Shakers that are designed to hold multiple plates, usually four, are designed for the thorough mixing of samples and assays in microplates and PCR or assay plates. The ability to agitate multiple plates at one time can significantly increase your assay throughput and save you time at the bench. Below are some of the best options available at for plate shakers for multiple plates, no matter what your requirements or applications are.


The Oxford LP BenchMate S4P-D Four Plate Shaker – Unique Features Providing Flexibility for Scientists.
The Oxford LP BenchMate S4P-D offers a programmable pulse mode for vigorous shaking, possesses a last run memory feature for ease-of-use when repeating assays and is compatible with all standard skirted microplates.

Oxford BenchMate S4P-D Four Plate Shaker features and benefits:
Pulse mode provides alternating clockwise and counterclockwise rotation every 30 seconds, for the most vigorous shaking requirements.
Variable speed range from 200 to 1200 rpm.
Adjustable timer range from 1 to 999 minutes, or infinite mode.
Rubber O-ring design provides a firm and secure grip for holding plates in place, even under vigorous shaking parameters.
Spill safe operation even at high speeds.
Programmable pulse mode allows for even more vigorous shaking, utilizing an alternating clockwise to a counterclockwise rotational pattern.
Compatible with all standard skirted microplates.
Easy access to all 4 plates for loading and unloading.
Microprocessor controlled digital display and control panel (ideal for GLP laboratories).
3 mm orbital motion for thorough mixing of solutions in microplate wells.
Brushless DC motor for a more robust and powerful performance.

The Orbi-Shaker MP is designed with a 3mm mixing orbit, optimized for thorough mixing of microplates and PCR plates. Up to four plates (standard or deep well) can be placed on the included platform and are instantly secured without the use of springs, clamps or tools. Benchmark OrbiShaker™ MP Plate Shaker

Features and Benefits:
Digital speed control up to 1500 rpm
3mm orbit for thorough mixing in microplates
Includes platform for up to 4 microplates
Cold room and incubator safe
Optional adapters for mixing microtubes

Benchmark OrbiShaker™ MP Plate Shaker
OHAUS Incubating Light Duty Orbital Shakers

Incubating Light Duty Orbital Shakers – Incubating & Incubating Cooling Shakers
OHAUS Incubating Light Duty Shakers are designed to incubate samples from 10° below ambient to 65°C depending on the model. The Incubating Mini Shaker has an 8 lb (3.6 kg) capacity while the Incubating Microplate Shaker can hold up to four standard or deep well plates. Incubating-Cooling Mini Shaker is designed to hold two microplates or two optional modular tube blocks. All models feature LED displays with touchpad controls.

OHAUS Incubating Light Duty Shakers Highlights:
Cell Cultures
Bacterial & Yeast Cultures and Suspensions
ELISA Assays
Enzyme Reactions