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Plastic Waste In The Lab

plastic waste in the labHow is your lab impacting the environment?

Did you know that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an area between Hawaii and California in which marine debris lies? The debris is located in the North pacific Gyre which has trapped approximately 100 million tons of litter in its currents. The majority of debris is comprised of PLASTIC!

There is a massive garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean. In fact, there are trash vortexes in each of the 5 oceanic gyres. The size of these trash vortices are debatable, but the facts remain, our oceans are littered with plastic and the trend is going in the wrong direction!

Fact: Scientists waste a lot of plastic!

Does your laboratory send thousands of tips to our already crowded landfills? To put it in perspective, Rockefeller University labs orders approximately 16,500 boxes of pipette tips through purchasing during fiscal year 2012, how many tips does your lab go through each year. Because of the liquids that scientists pipette, tips are NOT RECYCLABLE! Fortunately, the racks and packaging are recyclable.

Plastic Waste in the Lab: Don’t Add to the Landfill Mayhem

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 32 million tons of plastic waste were generated in 2011 and only 8 percent was received for recycling. Scientists are no strangers to plastic, it’s in pipettes, tips and their racks, centrifuge tubes, containers, reservoirs, mixers, and benches. How much of that is plastic waste in the lab?

Is your tip reload system environmentally friendly?

Let’s compare reload systems. We’ll compare some of the common systems like Rainin® SpaceSaver, USA Scientific, Inc.® TipOne, and the Eclipse Reload™ System. Take a look at the infographic for the clear comparison.


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