Discover Superior Quality Pipette Stands for Increased Lab Safety

Keep You Lab Bench Organized With a Pipette Stand

Being completely organized is a critical tool in the skill-set of leading lab workers across the globe. To embrace their organization and streamline their work, lab workers require products such as pipette stands. now carries the leading pipette stands from innovators such as Gilson™, Rainin™, Eppendorf™, Biohit™, Themo Fisher™, Socorex™, and Heathrow Scientific™. They also carry universal fitting pipette stand products, to ensure the ultimate in process flexibility for lab technicians. The company’s products suite sets the standards within the marketplace and features systems that can hold and separate up-to 7 pipettes while preventing pipettes touching countertops and thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination.GilsonCarousel

A leading example of the superior systems within the selection is the Gilson™ Carousel Pipette Stand, which is designed to hold 7 single and multichannel pipettes and offers exceptional working stability due to the system’s heavy base. In addition, the product is manufactured using polypropylene and polycarbonate, therefore providing strong resistance to aggressive chemicals.

Convenient Performance to Support Effective Lab Organization

The experts at have taken great care in building a product selection that stands out within the marketplace. They work with industry leaders to find out which products are most in demand and then build strong relationships with trusted manufacturers to ensure the leading products are available at cost-effective pricing.

The selection also now includes the Thermo Fisher Scientific Pipette Stand. This leading-class system is engineered to offer multi-position performance to prevent the need for lab workers to extend their reach during critical working processes. The product has also been designed using a small mechanical footprint. This means that growing companies can reduce the amount of table space required for the product and ensure there’s space available in the area for other important testing equipment. And because the Thermo Fisher Scientific Pipette Stand can be stored in either the upright or horizontal position, growing companies can easily easily fit the product within their current lab environment. It’s just one of the many innovative pipette stand products now available through the team at

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