Buy 1 Benchmate C12V Centrifuge, Get 1 Free Oxford Electronic Pipette

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Oxford Lab Products Benchmate C12V Centrifuge

  • Max Speed of up to 15000 rpm (15596 x g) with a range of 500 to 15000 rpm.
  • Microprocessor controlled, with last run memory feature – save up to 99 programs.
  • USB port for programming via a computer and remote operation.
  • Adjustable timer – 30 secs to 999 mins, or infinite mode.
  • Small footprint to save valuable bench-top space.
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Oxford Benchmate E Electronic Pipette

  • Intuitive graphic interface
  • 5 different and frequent used modes of pipetting: Pipetting, Reverse Pipetting, Mixing, Diluting, & Multi-Dispense Pipetting
  • High-performance stepper motor for consistent and repeatable results
  • Lightweight & ergonomic design
  • Built-in power saver and Intelli charging battery, for uninterrupted usage.
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