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March 18, 2014

accupet pro single channel pipette
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Accupet Pro – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Offer Expires March 31, 2014

 accupet pro single channel pipette

AccuPet Pro Single Channel Pipettes

Buy 1 Get 1 Free – Promo Code: BOGO1

  • Ergonomically designed and continuously adjustable
  • DirectVue Volume Indicator
  • SuperLite Ergonomic Handle Design with a rubber grip
  • Universal Tip Fitting Shafts


Only $90.00 per pipette with promotion

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pipette stands at pipette.com Multichannel Reagent Reservoirs at Pipette.com Multichannel Reagent Reservoirs at Pipette.com

Pipette Stands

Reagent Reservoirs

Pipette Service & Calibration

  • Pipette Stands from All Major Pipette manufacturers and universal pipette stands to fit various pipettes
  • “V” shape to minimize waste and reagent consumption
  • We carry solution basins from CAPP, Vista-Lab and Heathrow Scientific to help you find the right solution for your multi-channel pipetting needs
  • Get your pipettes calibrated by the experts!
  • Over 1,000,000 Pipettes Calibrated
  • ISO 17025 / FDA Registered / A2LA accredited
  • FREE shipping with order minimum
  • Largest independent calibration lab on the West Coast
Starting at $32.85 per pipette stand  Starting at $45.00 (100 per pack)

Universal Filter Tips

Offer Expires March 31, 2014

universal filter tips at Pipette.com

Universal Filter Tips

ZAP™ Premier Aerosol Filter Pipette Tips

  • Take advantage of unsurpassed quality & purity of our precise filter tips
  • Molded with medical grade
    plastic, incorporating a robotically inserted 10 μm filter, autoclavable to 121°C and certified to be free of RNase/DNase contamination, Human DNA, Protease and certified non-pyrogenic our ZAP filter tips provide complete protection from sample carry-over
  • Our tips are Made in America
Starting at $39.50per pack

Tubes & Plates

mct tubes 140107-email_03

MicroCentrifuge Tubes

PCR Tubes


  • Largest Selection of Microcentrifuge Tubes
  • Eppendorf Tubes
  • Simport Tubes
  • Heathrow Scientific Tubes
  • We now carry PCR Tubes from SSI and Simport
  • Thin and flexible wall for optimal efficiency during heat transfers.
  • SSI PCR Tubes can be used for realtime PCR (qPCR)
  • 96 Well Plates from Eppendorf, Simport & BrandTech
  • Available for PCR, Microplate, Assay, Microbiology and Cell Culture work.
  • Fits all popular Thermal Cycler Models
Starting at $9.00 per pack of 500 Starting at $38.00 per pack Biggest Selection & Best Pricing

Limited Time Promotions

Buy 3 Cases of Serologicals and Get 1 Case FREE

AccuHelp Motorized Pipette Controllers

Serological Pipettes

  • The round shape, balanced weight, and light action spring buttons reduce fatigue and increase accuracy
  • 1 to 100ml Volume Range
  • Designed for Accurate and Rapid fluid dispensing, CAPP Harmony serological pipettes are Sterile, Pyrogen FREE, Cotton plugged and Individually wrapped for a variety of liquid handling applications
  • Ranging in volume from 1ml to 100ml these Serological Pipettes are an ideal substitute for BD Falcon, Greiner Bio One, Axygen and other brand names without sacrificing quality.
Only $165.00 per pipette with promotion Buy 3 Cases Get 1 Free

Stands, Tubes & Deepwell Plates

140107-email_03 140107-email_03 140107-email_03

Pipette Controller & Serological Stands

Conical Tubes

BrandTech Cell Culture Plates

  • Made in USA
  • Pefect for serologicals and pipet guns / motorized pipette controllers
  • Designed for everyday
    centrifugation & storage needs
  • Large white
    solvent resistant labeling areas and black easy to read graduations
  • Available as either a flat cap that is easy to label or a
    plug style cap for horizontal applications
  • All package versions are
    sterilized with a validated and approved ISO 11137 method
  • Ideal plates for cultivation of adherent cell lines, cells in reduced-serum media and fastidious cell lines
  • Orange embossed alphanumeric lettering for easy identification of well
  • All plates are DNA, DNase, RNase Free
  • Endotoxins are
Starting at $90.63 per rack Starting at $64.50 per pack Starting at $105.50 per pack

Don’t See Products You are Looking for?

largest of selection of pipettes Eclipse Tip Reloads for Pipettes best prices on lab equipment at Pipette.com


10 Different Brands of Tips

Lab Equipment

  • Over 20 Different Brands of Pipettes
    (Including Refubished Gilson and Rainin Starting at $129.00)
    (One of the Largest Eppendorf and Biohit/Sartorius Pipette Distributors)
  • 10 Different Brands of Tips
    (Including Higher Quality Alternatives to Rainin LTS Tips)
    (Eppendorf Tips and Combitips)
  • Complete Line of Lab Equipment, Tubes and Plates
    (Including the entire Eppendorf Centrifugation Range)
Biggest Selection & Best Pricing Biggest Selection & Best Pricing Biggest Selection & Best Pricing