New Products from Sartorius Biohit and Wheaton Socorex

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April 2, 2014

New products from Sartorius Biohit and Wheaton Socorex
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Sartorius Biohit Promotions

sartorius biohit picus pipette trade in promotion sartorius entris balance promotion - proline pipette free with purchase
Buy 1 Entris Balance and Get 1 Proline Plus Single Channel Pipette Free

Sartorius Biohit Picus Trade In

Sartorius Entris Balance

  • Increase Productivity with the multi-dispensing features
  • Reduce fatigue and employee complaints of hands and wrist hurting – This pipette only weighs 100 grams or 0.22 pounds/3.5 ounces
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Finally, there is a balance that provides durability, quality and versatility for weighing applications within your budget.
  • German Engineering and Design – the quality and durability you are accustomed to from Sartorius
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Covers 6 Applications – Weighing, Density, Percentage, Counting, Ustable Conditions, and Conversion
Starting at $594.00 per pipette with promotion Starting at $564.14 per pipette with promotion

Related Products

pipette stands at Multichannel Reagent Reservoirs at Weighing Boats and pour boats at
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE – Promo Code: WB2

Pipette Stands

Multichannel Reagent Reservoirs

Weighing Boats

  • Pipette stands from all major pipette manufacturers and universal pipette stands to fit various pipettes
  • “V” shape to minimize waste and reagent consumption
  • We carry solution basins from MCT-Bio, CAPP, Vista-Lab and Heathrow Scientific to help you find the right solution for your multi-channel pipetting needs
  • Largest Selection
  • 7 Different Models to choose from
Starting at $32.85 per pipette stand  Starting at $45.00 (100 per pack) Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Promo Code: WB2

Wheaton Socorex Promotions

Wheaton CELLine Bioreactors flasks at Wheaton Socorex Calibrex Bottle Top Dispensers at

Wheaton Celline Bioreactors

Wheaton Socorex Bottle Top Dispensers

  • Handling time is reduced because the bulk media chamber provides nutrient availability for 7-10 continuous days. No need for daily or every other day feedings
  • Purification burden is lowered by growing the cells in high density in an isolated cell chamber
  • Cell compartment size of 15ml for the CELLine 1000 and 5ml for the CELLine 350
  • With easy in lab calibration, enhanced safety features and color coding the Calibrex bottle top dispensers allow for safe reproducible liquid distribution of volumes up to 25, 50 and 100 ml
  • Calibrex organo 525 comes with a glass plunger for organics, non-crystallizing acids and bases
  • Calibrex solutae 530 has a PFA coated plunger that enables trouble free distribution of salt solutions, weak and strong acids and bases
Starting at $165.50 Starting at $453.50

Complimentary Products

best selection of repeaters at pipet guns, motorized controllers and authorized drummond distributor  at serological pipette sale at



Serological Pipettes

Buy 3 Cases of Serologicals and Get 1 Case FREE
  • Largest selection and best prices on repeaters
  • Featuring Eppendorf M4, Repeater Plus and BrandTech HandyStep S
  • We are an authorized Drummond distributor!
  • Largest selection of pipette controllers at best prices
  • Save 25% on your Serological Pipettes
  • Buy 3 Get 1 FREE. Promo Code: CAPP SP
  • Volume Range from 1 to 100mL
Largest Selection & Best Pricing Largest Selection & Best Pricing Promo Code:CAPP SP