8 Unique Pipette Tips to Improve Performance and Efficiency

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September 17, 2014

8 unique pipette tips to improve performance and efficiency in your lab

  1. Eclipse Reloads – Affordable, environmentally friendly Tip Reload alternative with great tips and packaging that occupies less bench space
  2. Pipette.com Filter Tips – Manufactured with High Density ZAP Filters to guarantee maximum protection and prevent contamination
  3. MacroTips – 5 and 10mL – Provides more efficient control and precision when pipetting macro volumes. Best pricing on 5 and 10mL tips
  4. Transfer Pipettes – An affordable way to do your basic lab work – Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promotion
  5. LTS Filter Tip Alternatives – Our bigger size filters translate to better performance and efficiency – no more contamination issues. 
  6. UR-200X Extended Length Tips – Reduce contamination and simplify pipetting into 15/50mLTubes with a 3.3inch 200ul tip – FREE with Purchase of any 2 Cases of 15 and 50mL tubes
  7. Eppendorf Dual Filter Tips – Avoid contamination with these quality Eppendorf DualFilter Tips – 2 Layers to prevent contamination
  8. Eppendorf CombiTips – Built-in sensor easily attaches elongated tips to streamline pipetting and reduce contamination when working with tubes.

8 Unique Tips for Your Lab

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