eppendorf research plus pipette

Eppendorf Pipettes Have What You Need

No matter what kind of pipette you’re looking for, Eppendorf products are known for their quality and flexibility. If you’re not sure which Eppendorf pipette model to go for, take a look at the guide below.

Choosing the Right Pipette

Before taking a look at our entire inventory of pipettes, ask yourself questions such as: am I working with aqueous solutions? Are my samples corrosive or viscous? Depending on your laboratory, different pipettes will be more effective than others. For a more in-depth look at this process, take a look at our blog on choosing the right pipette application.  Once you’ve given it a read, look over our Eppendorf pipette options listed below.refurbished eppendorf repeater plus


Eppendorf Repeater M4

 If you’re looking for an affordable pipette that is efficient, flexible and user-friendly, the Eppendorf Repeater M4 is your best bet. With a hand rest for comfort and the ability to aspirate and dispense any solution up to 100 times, this is a product that you definitely won’t mind having with you for those long bouts in the lab.


Eppendorf Research® Plus

 The Eppendorf Research® Plus is designed using the knowledge that has been gained from the last 50 years of innovation in the field. With one of the safest and most ergonomic pipette designs out there, it is lightweight and features the ability to be autoclaved without disassembling. For those that want convenience and comfort, this tool is indispensable.


Eppendorf Research 2100

As the cheapest model on offer, the Eppendorf Research 2100 is ideal for those that want low-investment without skimping on the quality. This highly precise and accurate model is designed for comfortable, prolonged use and features a removable tip ejector sleeve and a chemically resistant piston for increased durability. Although Eppendorf does not carry these models anymore, we continue to supply them refurbished.


Selecting the Right Pipettes from Pipette.comeppendorf-6-pack-bundle-with-free-products

We offer a large variety of Eppendorf products to accommodate your pipetting needs including tips, combitips, dual filter tips and microcentrifuge tubes, all the highest level of quality. We also have plenty of promotional offers and bundles, including 6-pack pipette bundles that come with a FREE EasyPet 3 and a Repeater M4. Check our shop regularly, as we’re always offering new promotions and discounts to help you get quality products for an affordable price. For a complete look at all of our pipette products and various regular promotions, take a look at our webpage.