Distinguishing Centrifuge Tubes

Researchers and scientists have been using centrifuge tube since their invention in 1938. These tubes have become a necessity for laboratories all across the world. With their fairly simple design, centrifuge tubes have the ability to be used for a plethora of applications. To assist scientists in their research, modifications to the original centrifuge tubes have been developed. These centrifuge tubes are designed to be specialized for specific applications. Below is a review on the standard centrifuge tubes, large volume centrifuge tubes, and black centrifuge tubes

Standard Centrifuge TubesCellTreat 15mL Centrifuge Tubes come packaged in several different methods, including Styrofoam racks!

When people think of centrifuge tubes, their first thoughts go to the 15mL and 50ml centrifuge tubes. Generally manufactured with polypropylene and designed to be optically clear, these tubes come in several different types of packaging. Either arriving sterile or non-sterile, the centrifuge tubes can be packaged in bulk or racked. The ability to personalize the standard tubes in this manor is what makes them so versatile.  The 15 and 50mL  tubes can be used to store samples, fractionations, pelleting, and of course centrifugation.

While all 15 and 50mL centrifuge tubes have similar features. There are a few specific attributes you should consider before purchasing, including their maximum centrifugations force and temperature ranges. For example the 15mL centrifuge tubes and the 50 mL centrifuge tubes from CELLTREAT can both withstand temperature ranges between -80°C to 120°C. But the 15mL  tube has a max force of 12000 g, while the 50 mL  tube have a max force of 16000 g.


Large Volume Centrifuge Tubes

Large volume centrifuge have the same general profile of the 15 and 50mL centrifuge tubes, but differ in volume size and wall thickness. The thicker walls of these tubes allows for the larger sample amounts to be centrifuged without  Large Volume centrifuge tubes are typically manufactured to hold 225mL or 250mL. In order to prevent the large volume centrifuge tubes from leaking, there caps are equipped with integral plug seal. These tubes generally come sterile and are great growth of plasmids or yeast. Large volume centrifuge tubes can also be used for the analysis of soil or water samples.

When shopping for large volume centrifuge tubes it is important to see if the tubes come with a rotor cushion. In most cases, such as with the CellTreat Large Volume Centrifuge Tube, they are sold separately.


 Black Centrifuge TubesCellTreat Black Centrifuge Tubes are available at Pipette.com

Relatively newer to the market, the black centrifuge tube is manufactured to be completely opaque. This feature means researcher no longer has to deal with the hassle of aluminum foil when trying to protect light sensitive samples. The black centrifuge tubes from CellTreat are manufactured from medical grade virgin autoclavable polypropylene and come in the standard 15 & 50 mL sizes. This feature is also available in their microcentrifuge tubes. To keep labeling simple these tubes come with large white area. The black centrifuge tubes are perfect for applications involving light sensitive samples, such as staining samples for analysis.


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