Difference between Orbital Shakers & Vortex Mixers

An orbital shaker and a vortex mixer are both laboratory equipment used to mix liquids, but they have different functions and uses.

An orbital shaker is a device that moves a platform or tray in an elliptical or circular motion, which in turn agitates the liquid samples placed on it. It is mainly used for mixing liquids in flasks, bottles, or test tubes, and is suitable for culturing cells, incubating samples, and other similar applications.

A vortex mixer, on the other hand, is a device that generates a rapid, circular motion in the liquid sample by spinning a small platform or probe at high speeds. It is mainly used for mixing small volumes of liquid quickly and efficiently, such as for preparing a sample for analysis or mixing reagents.

In summary, an orbital shaker is used for mixing larger volumes of liquid over a longer period of time, while a vortex mixer is used for quickly mixing small volumes of liquid.

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