Electronic Pipettes will Increase Your Productivity

Although the term “pipette” may seem foreign to non-scientists, pipettes are an essential tool for many laboratory research projects. That is why at Pipette.com, we offer a wide range of pipetting products, from electronic pipettes to standard mechanical pipettes, ensuring that you will boost your productivity exponentially.

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Weighing Boats 101 – The Typical Applications

Weighing boats are typically made from polystyrene, paper, and aluminum materials. As a result, due to their inexpensive and disposable nature, they are often used for the measuring and storing scientific material.

Although weighing boats are very simple in their design, they are still one of the most crucial pieces of equipment. What most Scientist and researchers don’t know is that a weighing boat has a plethora of uses besides its namesake.

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Selecting the Right Electronic Pipette for your Lab

Recent advancements in laboratory technology have led to the creation of the electronic pipette, which is designed to eliminate the flaws of standard pipettes. Most of these models place a strong emphasis on ergonomics and ease of use by allowing less force to be used when pipetting. While increasing the precession and accuracy known from a mechanical, thumb-operated pipette. Of course, there are many different models on the market and our experts at Pipette.com have listed some of the factors that you should consider before choosing one.

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Serological Pipette: Is it what your Lab Needs?

Serological pipettes are temperature calibrated laboratory tools that are the ideal choice for laboratories that need to transfer large amounts of liquid (1 mL to 50 mL). A Serological pipette is designed in a variety of different forms, including plastic, sterile, reusable, and glass, providing a wide selection for your laboratory needs.

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7 Best Practices When Using Analytical Balances

When using an analytical balance, there are several factors that could throw off its accuracy and drastically alter the readout. In order to ensure a precise measurement when using an analytical balance, Pipette.com 7 best practices for using analytical balancesencourages users to follow these 7 best practices every time they use an analytical balance: Read more