Best Eppendorf Refurbished Centrifuges carries Eppendorf refurbished centrifuges. Refurbished centrifuges are previously used centrifuges that have been restored to their original manufacturer’s specifications through cleaning, inspection, and replacement of any worn or damaged parts. They are then tested to ensure that they are in proper working order before being sold. Refurbished centrifuges are sold at a lower cost than new ones. 

Refurbished centrifuges are typically used in laboratory settings, such as research labs, medical labs, and industrial labs. They can be used for a variety of applications, such as separating blood components, purifying proteins, and isolating DNA

The Eppendorf models we have available are: Eppendorf 5424, Eppendorf 5804, Eppendorf 5810, Eppendorf 5430, Eppendorf 5430R and Eppendorf 5418

Refurbished centrifuges are a cost-effective option for labs and research facilities that are operating on a budget, or for those who need an extra centrifuge but do not want to invest in a new one. It is important to keep in mind that buying a refurbished centrifuge can come with certain risks, such as not knowing the previous usage of the machine and not having the full warranty as a new one. 

It is recommended to buy refurbished centrifuges from reputable companies, like, that have a good reputation and experience in this field. We can provide certifications and test results that can assure the buyer of the quality of the refurbished centrifuges

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