Pipette.com Promotions For NEST Cell Tissue Culture Dish Products: Flasks, Dishes & Plates!

tissue cell culture plates, flasks, dishesGrowing cells under controlled conditions require a keen eye for detail and an investment in these products that can help maintain their viability. Using cheap products can lead to the contamination of your cell tissue culture and ultimately compromise the results of your experiment. At Pipette.com, we are currently offering numerous promotions on our NEST cell tissue culture dishes, plates and flasks to give you the tools that you need to sustain your cell cultures. Read more

Eppendorf Promotions & More

Pipette.com Now Offering a Free CAPP Bravo with Every Purchase of an Orbital Shaker

orbital shakers - benchmark orbi-shaker and si orbital-genie shakerFor a limited time only, Pipette is excited to announce that customers who purchase either a Benchmark orbital shakers or Orbital-Genie Shaker will receive a free CAPP Bravo at no extra cost.

CAPP Bravo Pipettes

Manufactured in Denmark, the CAPP Bravo Pipettes have been designed using over 3 decades worth of research to develop the most easy to use, reliable, and precise pipette on the market. Unlike other pipettes that available for purchase, the fully autoclavable CAPP Bravo features and elegant design, is 11% lighter in weight, and an even weight distribution. Originally priced at $260, it is a great free addition to any laboratory.

Orbital Shakers

When purchasing an orbital shaker it is important to determine the features necessary for your work, minimum/maximum agitation, temperature range, temperature control, and whether it can be placed into an incubator or in a cold or warm room. The main function of orbital shakers is to move shaker bottles in a circular motion. At Pipette.com, we have orbital shakers for any laboratory setting from the New Brunswick Innova 2000, to the Excella E1, the Orbit 1900 shaker, and more! Both the Orbital-Genie Shaker and the flagship Orbi-shaker qualify for the free CAPP Bravo Pipette promotion.

To learn more about the all of the orbital shakers that are available from Pipette.com and which qualify for the promotional CAPP Bravo Pipette limited time offer, visit online today!

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Dive Into Summer Savings with Pipette.com

Pipettes & Lab Equipment Savings

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Summer is blazing and what more could you ask for than a way too cool off? Dive into savings with Pipette.com and save 20-50% on pipettes and lab equipment. Read more

6 BrandTech Product Promotions for New Labs

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Our latest promos are out! Here are 6 BrandTech product promotions for new lab startups. If you’re in a general life science or chemistry lab, you will benefit from these affordable products. Read more

4 New Pipette Promotions

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Our current promotions are out this week! We have 4 new pipette promotions that will help you find the product quality you want and keep you within you budget. Read more

4 Pipette and Tip Promotions

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Accupet Pro Single Channel Pipettes
Universal Filter Tips
AccuHelp Motorized Pipettes Controllers
Serological Pipettes
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Hey, Pipette Enthusiast!
As the first quarter comes to a close we have 4 pipette and tip promotions to help replenish your stock and stay within your budget. You will find the AccuPet Pro mechanical pipettes and AccuHelp Controllers to be a cost effective solution for your newer lab technicians, teaching labs, and labs on a limited budget. Our Pipette.com Filter Tips and CAPP Serological Pipettes are ideal for every lab. They are made using high quality materials, in a clean room environment. These products are designed to ensure that you get the most optimal results in your research. Not only will these products save you money, they will also make sure that you don’t have to re-do your experiment or lose productivity. Read more

Increasing Throughput in Your Lab

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3 Articles about Increasing Throughput in Your Lab:

  • Top 5 Benefits of Electronic Pipettes
  • Multichannel vs. Single Channel Pipettes
  • The CAPP 384 Might Be The Secret to a Weekend Off

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Rainin™ Users, Stop Overpaying and Start Saving!

Do you like older model Rainin™ pipettes and can’t find them? We have refurbished Rainin™ pipettes in stock and ready to ship!

Learn more about other alternatives to the Rainin™  brand including pipettes, tips and other complimentary products.