How is pipette calibration important to labs?

Pipette calibration is an essential aspect of laboratory operations as it ensures the accuracy and reliability of measurements taken with pipettes. Pipettes are commonly used in laboratories to measure and dispense small volumes of liquids with high precision, and the accuracy of these measurements is crucial for obtaining accurate and reliable data.

One of the main reasons why pipette calibration is so important is that it helps to ensure the accuracy and consistency of measurements. Pipettes that are not calibrated can produce inaccurate results, which can lead to errors in data and conclusions. By calibrating pipettes on a regular basis, laboratories can ensure that the measurements taken are accurate and consistent, which is critical for obtaining reliable data.

Another important aspect of pipette calibration is compliance. Many industries and regulatory bodies have specific guidelines and standards for the use of pipettes in laboratories, and using calibrated pipettes is often a requirement. By calibrating multichannel pipettes according to these guidelines and standards, laboratories can ensure that they are in compliance with regulatory requirements, which is important for passing audits and avoiding penalties.

Pipette calibration also helps to promote efficiency and productivity. By ensuring that electronic pipettes are accurate and consistent, laboratories can reduce the risk of errors and rework, which can save time and resources. Additionally, calibration management software can streamline the calibration process and help to schedule and track the calibration of pipettes, which can further improve efficiency.

Calibration management software is very important to be used to generate reports, which can be useful for passing audits. Auditors will be looking for evidence that the laboratory is maintaining accurate records of pipette calibration, and that the calibration process is in compliance with industry standards and regulations. Reports generated by the software can provide this evidence and demonstrate the laboratory’s commitment to quality control and good lab practices.

Qualer provides a best-in-class CMMS software solution for progressive commercial calibration companies of any size looking to digitize their processes. From basic checks and preventative maintenance to fully accredited calibrations, Qualer’s Calibration Management Software Cloud infrastructure enables seamless measurement capture and real-time documentation processing from any device with internet access, increasing operational efficiencies and productivity while reducing costs.

Reliable ELISA Equipment & Products

In order to detect and quantify substances such as peptides, proteins, antibodies and hormones, many laboratories use an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). However, in order to get optimal results, you need to be sure to select the right equipment, including your pipette, plates, and washer. Our experts at outline some of the best ELISA equipment available below to ensure that you can get the results that you need for a very reasonable price.

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nichiryo nichipet pipettes

A Nichiryo Pipette Makes the Difference

If you need durability, strength, comfort, and stability in your laboratory, Nichiryo Pipettes are guaranteed to impress. Founded in 1944, Nichiryo began as a manufacturer of measuring glassware and has since expanded immensely. For over 25 years they have been making quality Japan-made pipettes and our experts at examine three of their finest pipettes: Nichiryo Pipette EX II, Nichiryo Pipette Premium, and Nichiryo Pipette LT.

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free reservoirs with purchase of eppendorf multichannel

Multichannel Pipettes: 3 Reasons You Should Upgrade

With the variety of pipettes available on the market, you might wonder which features make a multichannel pipette unique. Quality pipettes are going to cost you, but the level of quality that they offer is a big step up from less advanced product lines. Our experts at have compiled the following article as an overview of the reason why premium multichannels are worth the upgrade from basic and standard designs.

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Ergonomic Multichannel Pipettes to Reduce RSI

Although you might look at the more technical features of pipettes when making your purchasing decisions, spending hours in the lab makes ergonomics a very important factor to consider. At, we offer numerous ergonomic multichannel pipettes to give you a comfortable experience that can really benefit the results of your experiments. Lightweight materials, ergonomic shape design, and low tip insertion forces allow for easy pipetting. Ergonomic multichannel pipettes are ideal for those looking for comfort on top of accuracy and precision.

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3 Reasons Your Multichannels Suck

Sometimes, your  multichannels suck. It’s a truth scientist’s never want to admit, but despite denials and protest, the time has come. Your multichannel just plain sucks. Does your multichannel no longer provide reliable aspiration? Does the ejector fall off? Is it just too heavy to hold?  It can be tough to hear and even harder to accept. If you can’t quite believe it yet, below are 3 of the dreaded signs of an inferior multichannel.

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Save on a variety of multichannel pipettes!

Three Surefire Ways To Save On Multichannel Pipettes

Starting a new lab is a tough juggling act of finding reliable equipment without overspending. After spending money on the necessities, such as lab equipment and consumables, you may find your budget for pipettes lower than you’d like. Especially for labs intending for a heavy pipetting regime, this could be problematic when looking to purchase multichannel pipettes. Fortunately, there are methods to get an affordable and reliable multichannel pipette without breaking the bank.

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Is the Gilson Neo Multichannel a True Standard?

Gilson brand pipettes are considered to be the industry standard of all things pipettes. Known for their durability and reliability, Gilson pipettes are certainly a classic. Gilson’s PIPETMAN Neo multichannel even made it into the top standard pipettes category in our 2016 Scientist’s Guide to Multichannel article. While the Neo pipette is considered to be a standard go to multichannel, even a quick glance at our article will show that there are multichannel’s with more inclusive designs. The Nichiryo Nichipet Ex II and the Labnet BioPette Plus have more desired features than the Gilson Neo multichannel. So why is the PIPETMAN Neo multichannel so popular?

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Can a Rainin Multichannel Reduce RSI?

Rainin multichannel pipettes and Capp multichannels have found a way to combat the unspoken danger of pipetting, repetitive strain injury (RSI). Researchers and Manufactures are constantly looking to reduce or remove the risk of RSI. Some of the simplest solutions include modifying the mold of a pipette and reducing the weight, but there are two solutions that are rarely considered. The force it takes to mount a tip and the intensity of the plunger force highly contributes to the risk of RSI. This risk can be doubled when using a multichannel pipette, as it takes more force to manipulate all of the channels. We will examine two methods to combat these problems found in Rainin multichannel and Capp multichannels.

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CappAero 384 Multichannel Pipette – Increase Your Output

This 384 multichannel pipette will solve one of the most challenging barriers to increasing throughput in the lab, which is cost. While automated pipetting will exponentially increase your output, this piece of lab equipment will decrease your funds to the same extent. If you are looking to increase your labs output without breaking the bank, then take a look at the CappAero 384. Designed with the same great quality expected from Capp, this multichannel will perfectly suit all of your 384 well plating needs.

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