How to Pipette Plasma in Your Lab – Finding the Right Pipette

How to Pipette Plasma in Your Lab – Finding the Right Pipette

If you’ve ever asked the question about how to accurately pipette plasma in your laboratory, then you’ll find the following information as beneficial. We recently had an inquiry requesting information about finding the most accurate pipettes for pipetting plasma samples. When working with plasma samples, the goal is to find a solution to allow you to pipette accurately without damaging the sample. In order to find the most accurate pipettes for pipetting plasma samples, you’ll need to know what volumes you will be working with for each sample and the experience your lab technicians have. Read more

Eppendorf Technical Report : Inhibitory Effects of Filter Tips Concerning PCR and Real-time PCR

Eppendorf Dualfilter Tips Technical Report can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Hannes Bucher, Kornelia Ewald
Eppendorf AG, Hamburg, Germany


The use of various filter tips for preparation of PCR experiments can lead to significant decreases in the efficiency of DNA amplification. With a minimal effect on PCR reactions, ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. are particularly well suited for preparing PCR experiments; this is evident with both classic PCR and real-time PCR. Read more

CAPP Multichannel Pipettes Increase Productivity in Labs

Multichannel pipettes are one of the main ways to increase throughput and in turn drive down sample costs especially if you are working with expensive reagents. In The Secret of High Productivity in the Research Lab, Mark Beards stated that life science research is “complex, lengthy, costly, and the failure rate high.” The easiest and most economical way of increasing throughput is upgrading your labs pipettes from single channel to multichannel. Historically, most lab technicians are weary of upgrading to multichannel pipettes because of tip fit issues, weight of the pipette, and accuracy due to limited range. Hence many technicians are still using single channel pipettes today. Fortunately, lab technicians now have a pipette that solves all of those problems allowing them to be more productive and reduce their labs overall costs. Read more

What is the Most Ergonomic Electronic Pipette?

ergonomic electronic pipette features - biohit picusTwo of the pipettes that claim to be the most ergonomic electronic pipette in the liquid handling market are the Sartorius Biohit Picus and Rainin E4 XLS. Why? Biohit is the creator of the electronic pipette and Rainin is the innovator of LiteTouch™ technology. Both of these manufacturers present electronic pipettes that they claim to be “ergonomic.” According to a study in Applied Ergonomics, led by G. David and P. Buckle, lab technicians who utilized manual pipettes more than 220 hours per year had more hand complaints compared to those who pipetted less. In order to alleviate hand injuries among lab technicians who are pipetting long hours on day-to-day basis – electronic pipette is the revolutionary and ergonomic solution that needs to be considered. Read more