Bottle Top Dispensers Use in a Lab

The bottle top dispenser you choose depends on your needs. Important factors to consider when choosing a bottle top dispenser include the volumes you will be dispensing and the type of liquids you will be dispensing. Typical liquids you may need to dispense include strong acids and bases, saline solutions, organic solvents, trace metal free liquids, sterile media, etc.

The best way to dispense aliquots of liquid from large glass bottles or plastic bottles is to use a bottle cap or bottle top dispenser. The requirements of such dispensers are clear and simple: they must be capable of reproducible dispensing, without wasting any reagent. With mutlitple adapters to fit any sort of glass or plastic bottle utilized in the laboratory, a bottle top dispenser from will provide the best results for your lab.

To dispense your liquids with precision and accuracy, you need to be confident that your liquid handling equipment is up to a high standard and properly calibrated. Bottle top dispenser calibration is an important part of good laboratory practice. No scientist would use a pipette that is not correctly calibrated, and the same level of care should be applied when dispensing liquids using bottle top dispensers. Check out The Importance of Bottle Top Dispenser Calibration here.

In the long run, a high-quality bottle top dispenser combined with routine calibration of equipment will not only yield higher quality results, but can save your lab money on reagent loss, the need for repeated experiments due to error, and precious man-hours spent in the lab.

If you would like to aliquot small volumes, like 1 µL, we recommend using an electronic pipette or a repeater pipette. carries a large assortment of bottle top dispenser and burette makes and models for all your titration needs. We carry market leading brands such as BrandTechEppendorfHirschmann and many other brands to help you find the right unit for your laboratory needs.