vortex genie 2 vortex mixer

Vortex Genie 2 Vortex Mixer

Vortex mixers are common in bioscience laboratories and essential for any project that requires the mixing of small vials of liquid. Although many of these products offer similar designs and overlapping speed settings, the Vortex Genie family offers a variety of designs that possess ups and downs for different projects. Our experts at Pipette.com examine this top-of-the-line brand and pinpoint the difference between the Vortex Genie 2, 2T and Pulse.

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Pipette Calibration & Repair

The Dirty Secret of On-Site Calibration

Pipettes keep your lab moving. While a procedure may call for several different types of lab equipment, the majority cannot be completed without a pipette. Because of this need for productivity that most labs prefer not to send their pipettes away for calibration. On-site calibration does sound appealing, your pipettes never leave the premises and

Compare Heathrow Sprout centrifuge to Fisherbrand model

A Mini Centrifuge of the Highest Quality

Looking for any lab equipment with premium features, durability, and low cost is a difficult challenge, this can be especially true for centrifuges. The centrifuge is quickly becoming one of the most commonly used piece of equipment in the lab. With such daily grind, it is important that you have a centrifuge you can rely on. This is where the Heathrow Scientific Sprout Mini Centrifuge comes in. Coming from a company known for its innovation and dedication to high quality, the Sprout Mini Centrifuge is designed for easy and reliable operation.

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Saving Money with Lab Bundles at Pipette.com

Between pipettes, tips and other pieces of laboratory equipment, getting the level of reliability and accuracy that you need from your experiments can be expensive. Although many decide to purchase these products individually on an as-needed basis, the best way to get the most out of your purchases is to invest in lab bundles. Our Pipette.com experts outline the benefits of these bundles, as well as examples of some the best bundles we offer below.

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Find the best deals on balances at Pipette.com

Saving Money with Lab Bundles at Pipette.com

No matter how well you perform your experiments, without a proper balance, your results are going to be skewed and all your hard work will go to waste. A proper lab balance is essential to ensure that your samples are weighed as accurately as possible and allow your technicians to rest easy without having to worry about skewed weight measurements. At Pipette.com, we offer numerous quality lab balances that are designed to get you the best results. Below, we explore three of these options: the Sartorius Quintix Balance, Benchmark Accuris Analytical Balance, and the Ohaus Adventurer Pro Analytical Balance.

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Reliable ELISA Equipment & Products

In order to detect and quantify substances such as peptides, proteins, antibodies and hormones, many laboratories use an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). However, in order to get optimal results, you need to be sure to select the right equipment, including your pipette, plates, and washer. Our experts at Pipette.com outline some of the best ELISA equipment available below to ensure that you can get the results that you need for a very reasonable price.

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nichiryo nichipet pipettes

A Nichiryo Pipette Makes the Difference

If you need durability, strength, comfort, and stability in your laboratory, Nichiryo Pipettes are guaranteed to impress. Founded in 1944, Nichiryo began as a manufacturer of measuring glassware and has since expanded immensely. For over 25 years they have been making quality Japan-made pipettes and our experts at Pipette.com examine three of their finest pipettes: Nichiryo Pipette EX II, Nichiryo Pipette Premium, and Nichiryo Pipette LT.

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