Best Rotary Evaporators

Rotary Evaporators, or Rotovaps, are devices that are used in chemistry and biochemistry labs for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from a sample by the process of evaporation. Rotary Evaporators are designed to be solid, durable and economical, and are available in multiple different capacities to meet the varied needs and throughput requirements of different labs. LabTech supply a range of efficient, durable and economical Rotary Evaporators, from small to large capacities, to meet your specific needs.

LabTech’s EV311 Rotor Evaporator Series features two different models that allow users durability, control, reproducibility, and safe use at an affordable price. The EV311H is the more economical model with more basic features and functionality, whereas the EV311PLUS is a more advanced model with extended functionality despised a still affordable price tag. The defining feature of the LabTech EV311 Series Rotary Evaporators is an LCD Digital Display, which unlike other Rotor Evaporators, allows users to finely control the temperature and rotation speed. The dipping angle is adjustable, for variability in use. Furthermore, EV311 Series Rotor Evaporators include a condenser, all flasks, and a stand-alone heating bath. They are compatible with Water or Oil baths, and because the heating bath is separate, maintenance and operation are easier. The heating bath even shuts off when dry to avoid unexpected disasters.

LabTech EV400 Series Benchtop Rotary Evaporators are designed to improve the user experience when operating sample separation technology. The flagship feature is an intelligent color display touchscreen that allows users extensive and intuitive control of the rotation and temperature on the unit. Users can program the operation process and fully observe progress on the screen, to accurately monitor their experiments.

Apart from the advanced touchscreen functionality, the LabTech EV400 Series Benchtop Rotary Evaporators also have a variety of other functions that allow scientists to perform advanced sample separation experiments. LabTech employed a heavy-duty brushless motor on the EV400 Series that allows the units to rotate at up to 300RPM with an automated up/down rather than manual lifting. Automation is also included in the stand-alone heating bath. The bath can be used for either oil or water heating and for continued user convenience, it comes equipped with a timer and also an automatic shutdown if the bath ever gets dried. Since the heating bath is separate, it also means that maintenance and operation is much easier.

LabTech created a large capacity rotovap with the durability and technology to perform quality work, reliably, consistently, and repeatedly. The LV20 Large Scale 20L Rotary Evaporator is equipped with the equipment and accessories for large scale operation. An explosion-proof motor is equipped for operator protection and work with dangerous gases or materials. The stainless-steel heating bath is designed with the materials and capabilities to be durable and reliable. It can be used at ambient temperatures all the way up to 99℃. Each device includes a 10L receiving flask and a vertical condenser so that users are equipped with the items they need to get started on their work.