9 Unique Pipettes You Should Probably Consider

9 Unique Pipettes You’ve Been Missing Out On

Pipettes are an essential tool in the laboratory, how else would you manually transfer a precise measurement of liquid from one vessel to the next? Pipettes come in all shapes and sizes, from massive ones to smaller ones. Available in manual, electronic, multichannel, and single – pipettes are a diverse bunch. While you’re probably used to the design of a Gilson® or Rainin® pipette, all pipettes differ in design, build, and overall precision. Here are 9 Unique Pipettes You Should Consider (in no particular order):

9 Unique Pipettes You Should Consider

  • VistaLab Ovation M Pipette
    • Have you not seen the Ovation pipettes? With a unique design and ergonomic build, they are known as the ‘ergonomically-correct’ pipettes. New to the market, the Ovation M pipette is the new manual version of the Ovation pipettes. The contoured shape and adjustable hook allows you to have a neutral forearm and wrist position which allows for fatigue-free pipetting.
  • CappAero Pipettes
    • Capp Aero Pipettes are Danish manufactured and known for being autoclavable, durable, and having double o-rings. The double o-rings are unique in that they ensure tip acquisition and eliminate banging on the tips to get them on.
  • Capp Aero 384
    • The CappAero 398 is the world’s first and only 64 channel manual pipette. It is ideal for pipetting large samples in a short period of time. For example, it is the perfect solution when working with 384 wells.
  • Sartorius Biohit Proline Plus
    • Biohit Proline Plus pipettes are fully autoclavable and equipped with a Safe-Cone Filter that prevents contamination and damage to the pipette.
  • Picus Electronic Pipette
    • The Sartorius Biohit Picus the world’s smallest and lightest electronic pipette on the market, at an astounding 100g, it has 8 set modes. In addition, not only is it user-friendly, it is completely easy on your thumb due to the automatic tip ejector.
  • Eppendorf Repeater M4
    • The Eppendord M4 Repeater can accurately aspire and dispense up 100 times without changing or refilling the tip. That’s pretty unique.
  • Socorex Acura Manual 826 Pipette
    •  Socorex Acura Manual 826 pipettes are manufactured in Switzerland and are designed to be lightweight (83-88 gr or weighing 2.9-3.1 oz) and have low plunger force.
  • Drummond Pipet-Aid XL Controller
    • The Pipet-Aid XL Pipet Controller has a much longer lightweight handle which lowers your arm position to reduce strain. It can be charged while in use to eliminate downtime.
  • Accupet Pro Pipette
    • Having a universal tip fitting shaft, the AccuPet Pro designed to be convenient and comfortable. It is ideal for every day laboratory use.

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