7 Best Practices When Using Analytical Balances

When using an analytical balance, there are several factors that could throw off its accuracy and drastically alter the readout. In order to ensure a precise measurement when using an analytical balance, Pipette.com 7 best practices for using analytical balancesencourages users to follow these 7 best practices every time they use an analytical balance:

  1. Operate in an environment where temperatures are between 18 degrees and 30 degrees Celsius.
  2. Place on a stable location like a marble table or counter-top.
  3. Use the levelling bubble and the adjustable foot screws to level the balance
  4. Position a discharge ionizer next to the analytical balance to prevent electrostatic charge.
  5. Isolate the weighing pan by shutting the door on the balance.
  6. Remove any spilled samples or stains.
  7. Calibrate the scale.

Moreover, users who want to ensure that their readings are precise can also purchase balances that are engineered to give exact readings like the Sartorius Quintix Balance and the Sartorius Secura Balance, both available from Pipette.com.

Sartorius Quintix Balance

The Sartorius Quintix Balance is the perfect product for daily accurate readings; it was designed with a built-in automatic adjustment and levelling function, saving users the trouble of having to level it by hand. It also features a touch screen interface, 11 built-in applications, GLP-compliant documentation, and convenient USB port transfer.

Sartorius Secura Balance

analytical balancesLike the Sartorius Quintix Balance, the Sartorius Secura Balance is known for its accurate weighing results. This analytical balance includes automatic internal adjustment and real time levelling support for accurate weighing results; it also has a password protection feature.

To learn more about the importance of a correctly leveled analytical balance, or to browse through all of the analytical balances that are available for purchase from Pipette.com, visit online today!

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