3 Things You Should Know About Serological Pipettes

3 Things You Should Know About Serological Pipettes

3 Things You Should Know About Serological PipettesWhen pipetting large volumes of solution, there are only a few tools on the market that will help speed along the task. The most popular tool for the job is the serological pipette. These pipettes have several features that makes them perfect for any lab. Pipette.com has composed the top features you should keep in mind when reaching for your serological pipette.

1. The Design of a Serological Pipette

“Designed for accurate and rapid fluid dispensing”, serological pipettes are manufactured from sterile medical grade polystyrene. These pipettes are pryogen free and packaged individually to ensure they are sterile, reducing your chances of contamination.

Providing seamless transition, each serological pipette is color coated to allow for easy identification. To optimize optical clarity, each pipette has high contrasting black markings. The ascending and descending graduations found on all of the serological pipettes, excluding the 1mL pipette, allows for you to easily measure the correct volume.

2. Pipette Precision & Accuracy

When working with solutions it is a necessity to know that your tools are measuring both accurately and with precession. Historically serological pipettes have not been considered reliable when measuring for accuracy. This issue has been removed in the present day serological pipette, which are “guaranteed accuracy and precision to +1 – 2%”.

To provide proper solutions handling, each serological pipette is manufactured with “an innovative filter plug”. These filters are non-toxic and prevent pipette controllers from becoming damaged due to solutions overflow.Pipette.com has the best deals on serological pipettes

If you are interested in increasing your pipetting speed and accuracy, try pairing your serological pipette with a Capp Motorized Pipette Controller, a Drummond Pipet-Aid or view a broad selection of motorized pipette controllers. These devices help to control the aspirating and dispensing speeds with greater precision. Make sure to check out the blog post entitled “Motorized Pipette Controllers: 5 Things to Know!”

3. Cost

When purchasing your serological pipette, you should always look at who you are purchasing from. Distinguishing where you get your supplies from can save you hundreds of dollars. This is no different when purchasing your serological pipettes, a brief examinations in cost can save you big time.

Unfortunately, many companies will discriminate against their customers based solely on the size or type of business. This means smaller businesses and universities will be charged more for the same products purchased by a larger corporation.

Best Place to Buy Serological Pipettes

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