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How to enter?

3 Ways to Attain A Shirt:


1. Fill out the form above and we will randomly select 1 winner at the end of each month, starting on October 9, 2013 through December 31, 2014. They’ll get a FREE shirt!


2. Do business with us! Free t-shirt with every order over $375. More information here


3. Purchase one. Yep, you can now buy them as holiday gifts here.


The Prize

We are giving away FREE promo shirts, 1 shirt per person. T-Shirt Promo

Sorry the models are not included with the shirt. Nice try.


I Heart Pipette

For those who wanted a better perspective of this I <3 Pipette shirt.


How to claim prize?

For the random drawing, we will select a lucky winner at the end of each month  from October 9 to December 31, 2013 and contact him or her via email and/or phone.

Just a few #PipetteEnthusiasts:


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Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase necessary to enter or win.
  • Sign-ups should be made at
  • You may only submit one form per person.
  • One winner per selected (winning) form.
  • The contest is only applicable to residents of the United States.
    • Delivery address must be within the United States.
  • Contest valid from October 9, 2013 to December 31, 2014.
  • By entering the competition the entrant hereby gives consent to use his or her name and image for the purposes of publicity relating to the competition and/or marketing.